Town Car vs. Limousine: Which One to Pick?

Although we’re firmly in the ride-sharing app era, limousine rentals shouldn’t be seen as a forgotten relic of a past. Austin Prestige Limo Service trumps ride-sharing apps’ safety because our company only hires certified chauffeurs. It makes for a much smoother ride as well. In addition, our limo service prides itself on safety, and by that, we mean road safety and disease prevention.

We boast a fleet of sleek, luxury vehicles for our customers to rent from. Parties of 30 or more usually opt for our vans, coaches & party buses. It’s pretty straightforward. In contrast, when it comes to smaller parties, it always boils down to two choices: the limousine or the town car. So, let’s explore both options and help you make the best choice for your next rental.


While we could call every car in our fleet a “limo”, we’re referring you to our stretch limousine options, e.g., our Lincoln MKT Limo & our stretch Hummer. Limos are visually striking, thus making them a huge favorite for many of our customers. Our stretch limousines feature plush interiors and superior craftsmanship, all of which make for a luxurious riding experience. In addition, both cars are rigorously tested to meet all FMVSS/CMVSS standards.

Given their size, the Lincoln MKT & stretch Hummer can seat parties of 9 and 16, respectively. So, we advise would-be renters to consider these offerings for their next small- to medium-scale event. The stretch Hummer even has enough trunk space to hold your belongings for an all-day trip.

Town Cars

“Town cars” are our luxury sedans. Take our Lincoln Continental, for example. It’s pretty much a later model of the Lincoln Town Car. Like the car from which we derive their nickname, our town cars are quintessential limo sedans. To this day, the Continental’s eurocentric design appeals to even our most refined customers.

The Continental offers a smooth ride, a roomy interior and classy yet understated styling. Our S-Class Mercedes Benz provides unrivaled comfort and is as visually striking as any of our stretch limos. It’s a head-turner. Trust us; we know so. 

If the stretch limos are for groups, the town car is the go-to rental for individuals and couples. Our sedans are a popular choice for airport trips, executive transport for business people & high-end guided tours. If you’re trying to ride around Austin in style, this is how you do it.


Limo rentals are far from outdated. We offer some of the latest automobiles with modern amenities, and we perform our jobs with care and great attention to detail. If you want to rent a luxury limo, just click the link to get in touch with us today.

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