Limo Ride-Sharing: A Holiday Season Essential

The holidays are a time for joy and cheer. Between Thanksgiving and everyone’s upcoming Christmas shopping, there’ll be a lot of people trying to get from point A to Point B at the same time. Thus, it’s no surprise that there’s often a spike in traffic-related deaths during the holiday season. Though we’ve seen a slight decline in this statistic, this year’s road death totals are still high enough to warrant swift and sustained action.

Unfortunately, many families will have empty seats at their tables during these holidays, and the last thing we want is to give them one or two more reasons to grieve. We should all embrace ride-sharing apps to curb increased road deaths during the holidays. These apps are safe and eliminate the possibility of inebriated driving altogether. 

At Austin Prestige Limo, we work hard to make safety one of the most important hallmarks of our service offerings. We enforce a stringent set of safety guidelines to protect both our customers and our drivers. With popular ride-sharing apps, there can be a huge disparity in each driver’s quality of service and skill; in contrast, we look to employ seasoned drivers with exemplary road safety records.

Many might argue that ride-sharing apps offer greater transparency about your driver and the quality of their service. We pride ourselves on integrity and transparency as well. We can easily provide our customers with much of the same information a ride-sharing app would if they simply asked for it. Unfortunately, we don’t have an easy-to-use app, but we’re working on it.

Christmas shopping can be a joyful holiday experience. However, toting around several shopping bags while waiting for your ride is a tad risky. It makes you an easy target for would-be crooks. In addition, wait times on ride-sharing apps could increase during the holidays due to their increased demand during that period. Having one of our limos at your beck and call is far more convenient and safer than being at the mercy of a ride-sharing app.

Another advantage of using Austin Prestige Limo is that our prices don’t experience the same fluctuations as a ride-sharing app’s prices. No matter the hour or the situation, you can count on prices staying the same no matter what. In larger cities, it’s not uncommon to see surges up to 4x the original price. It’s also much easier to get one of our drivers to wait on you for the whole day. Ride-sharing apps charge their customers extremely high wait fees.

If you’re travelling in a large group for any of your holiday festivities, our limo services come highly recommended. We offer our customers a wide range of luxury coaches and buses from our fleet. Lastly, all our vehicles undergo rigorous disinfections to curb the spread of both Coronacirus and Monkeypox viruses. According to the CDC, Texas currently has the 4th highest number of monkeypox cases in the United States. In lieu of this, we make sure we disinfect our cars first thing in the morning and immediately after they return to us.

If you’re interested in using our services during this holiday season, click this link to make your booking. Austin Prestige Limo goes above and beyond to deliver quality and luxury service to all our customers.

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