How to Ride in Style this Spring

Spring has finally sprung. Given Texas’ relaxed COVID regulations, Austinites and tourists alike can go wherever they please. For lack of a better phrase, the city of Austin is your oyster. The state capital has plenty to offer, and with a limo, you can get around quickly enough to see it and ride comfortably.

Austin Prestige Limo has thrived even in light of the many challenges limousine rental companies have faced. The rise of ride-sharing apps and the pandemic posed serious threats to these companies’ longevity. Despite these threats, limos still appeal to vast swathes of the population for several reasons.

For a long time, limos have been seen as a symbol of wealth, class and social status. They were once chariots to the rich and famous, and, in some cases, they still are. Nowadays, limousines are far more accessible. It wouldn’t be a stretch (see what I did there) to say the average limousine renter is someone like you and me.

In recent years, the demand for limos has decreased. However, in their place, party buses have become the norm. Our fleet has a wide selection of party buses which carry anywhere between 14 to 55 passengers. As such, limo rental companies are still many people’s first choice for transporting large groups of people.

Limousines offer an unparalleled level of service. For a flat fee, your limo driver is at your beck and call for your allotted time, and they’ll make an unlimited amount of trips per your request. In contrast, drivers on ride-sharing apps only serve you for the entirety of your one trip, and any additional minute you keep them waiting for adds to your fare. We also provide our riders with several amenities you could only dream of on ride-sharing apps on special reservations.

In addition, limos offer their riders a level of privacy that ride-sharing apps don’t. After all, how do you think “limo” window tint got its name? If you want sophistication, privacy and flexibility on your trips, look no further than Austin Prestige Limo Service.

Below, we’ll list a few unique places your stylish get-up is worthy of in Austin. Check it out:

The Texas Governor’s Mansion

According to TripAdvisor, the Texas Governor’s Mansion is not only an architectural marvel and arguably the most historic house in Texas. Built in 1856, the residence is chock full of historical artifacts like Stephen F. Austin’s desk and a portrait of Sam Houston & Davy Crockett. In addition, the house has 25 rooms and seven bathrooms – talk about spacious.

Wink Restaurant

Established in 2001, Wink emphasizes the farm-to-table ideology and uses seasonal ingredients from local gardens & farms. In addition to this, they’re ardent supporters of agricultural sustainability. They work those sustainability principles into their supply chains and business practices. Wink’s pescatarian dishes are to die for, and their wine selection has its fair share of gems. For such a classy dining experience, it’s only right that you’d pull up in a limo.

Laguna Gloria

Just imagine a piece of Italian architecture deep in the heart of Austin. This juxtaposition makes for an appealing contrast and one of Austin’s coolest attractions. The Laguna Gloria lies on a 14-acre site on Lake Austin. The Laguna Gloria is primarily outdoors. So, visitors can venture through the grounds and marvel at the enormous sculptures or stroll along the property’s wooded paths. Visitors can even tour the Driscoll Villa with its incredibly ornate interior.

So Where Do You Want Us To Take You?

Limos undeniably have their perks. If you’re going out for a night on the town, your best bet is riding with us. You’ll get luxury, safety and flexibility. Click the link now to book a ride with us because you don’t deserve anything less than prestige. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via this link.

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