Personal Driver

Austin Personal Driver Service

Austin Prestige Limo offers Personal Driver services for clients who are more comfortable riding in their own vehicles, but want the services of an on-demand chauffeur. Our drivers have impeccable driving records and comprehensive knowledge of the Austin Metro and surrounding areas, to take the pressures of traffic, schedules and finding your way around off your mind so you can focus on what is important to you – whether it is having fun, getting extra work done, engaging in conference calls, or simple relaxation during your ride.Our Personal Drivers provide many services, all with your safety and high expectations of professionalism in mind. Some of the reasons clients love our services include:

Designated Driver

During a night on the town, a Personal Driver eliminates parking hassles and expense and removes the need for someone in your group to abstain from alcohol consumption to be your designated driver. Everyone in your party can have fun and be safe, as you enjoy door-to-door chauffeured transportation to each place you go during the evening. Be safe and responsible, and never worry about the expense, embarrassment, and risk of a DWI again.

Mobile Office

Why waste hours of potentially productive time driving to and from work, meetings, and business conventions? You can maximize your productivity by letting a Personal Driver worry about getting you places while you focus on sales calls, conference calls, paperwork, and emails in the comfort of your back seat.

Working Days Trips

If you need to make a business trip to a nearby area, avoid airport hassles, rental car/taxi expenses and the aggravation of dealing with traffic and figuring out the right routes to take. Let a Personal Driver get you to sales calls, meetings, and conferences in ease and comfort so you are fresh and prepared when you get there.

Medical Appointments

Often, physicians, optometrists, outpatient surgical centers, and hospitals recommend – or require – that you have a driver to take you home after an appointment or procedure. Our Personal Driver can drive you, wait at the office, and then take you home when you are ready to go, taking the worry out of that part of your day.

Sporting Events, Concerts, And Shows

Traffic and parking hassles can add hours and stress to attending large events. Enjoy your evening much more (and impress your date!) with door-to-door service, and know that your driver will be there waiting when you are ready to go.

Senior Assistance

Many Austin seniors live independently and have active social lives, but may have driving limitations due to poor eyesight, medications, or health conditions. Others may simply be uncomfortable driving in the dark, poor weather, or heavy traffic – or just need help with loading, unloading, and transporting heavy items from the car to home. Our Personal Driver service helps seniors participate fully in daily activities, run errands, and visit friends without the inconvenience of public transportation or having to ask favors of family members.

Weddings, Family Reunions, And Private Parties

Your Personal Driver can run errands for you, meet friends and family at the airport, and get your guests back home or to the airport safely in your vehicle, while you attend to preparations, cleanup, or the guests still thereAustin Prestige Limo’s Personal Drivers can be hired for full days, multiple days, or hourly as needed. Our drivers are prompt, courteous, mature, reliable, discreet, and have extensive knowledge of the best and quickest routes to get you around the Austin Metro and all surrounding areas. Call us today for relaxing transportation in the comfort of your own vehicle at a fraction of the cost of limousine rental.