New Year? New Ride! The Limo’s Back in Style

2021 is coming to an end, and the world is in its third year of wrestling with a pandemic. Many countries have enjoyed differing levels of success in their attempts to curb COVID’s spread – that goes for us here in the U.S. too.

Given the CDC’s new, lax self-isolation rules, we can expect to see even more people moving with greater frequency and freedom. Given the possible incentives of this government mandate – an attempt to stoke the U.S. economy – there might be hope for courier, ridesharing and limousine businesses to bounce back in 2022.

Though we all want to get from point A to B, how do you do so safely? As a limo company, we have taken many precautions to ensure we’re COVID-compliant, and for certain jobs, limos are far superior to rideshare services.

To find out more about why Austin Prestige Limo should be your go-to, read on.

Limos are Safer & More Secure

Although Uber and Lyft have taken measures to vet their drivers, these pale in comparison to the criteria by which limo drivers are assessed. Our drivers undergo more stringent tests and checks on their road safety record, criminal background, etc. In addition, complaints about unprofessionalism are much more rampant on ridesharing services than with limousine services who prioritize customer service.

More Choice

When you hail an Uber or a Lyft, you don’t have a say which car you’ll ride in. However, with Austin Prestige Limo service you can choose a vehicle from our elite, high-end fleet. In addition to picking which brand and model you like; you can inspect cars individually to make sure everything is to your liking. For a limo service, the worst thing on Earth is an unhappy customer. With ridesharing services, it’s something they’ll get through.

Greater Flexibility

Instead of calling multiple Ubers and dealing with differing levels of professionalism and cleanliness, you can get an Austin Prestige Limo and they’ll take you anywhere you need ALL DAY. In addition, your chauffeur will wait on you too. This helps eliminates the long wait times you often encounter with ridesharing apps. If that wasn’t good enough, you won’t have to worry about price surges when you rent a limo.

Better Cleanliness & Maintenance

All the vehicles in a limo company’s fleet undergo routine checkups to ensure they’re safe and functional. The cars on ridesharing services are at the mercy of their drivers’ budgets and varying levels of responsibility. This means there’ll less “unforeseen circumstances” when you ride with us. We’ll get you where you need to go on time and in one piece. It’s our job to.


At Austin Prestige Limo, we promise to confer every benefit that comes with picking a limo service and more. If you need an all-day ride service, don’t look any further than us.  If you need a list of upscale restaurants to arrive in style to, or just looking to take a ride in style – contact us to get in touch!.

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