Reasons to Pick Our Limos Over Uber & Lyft

Limo services have and will always be a fixture in our lives. Even with the emergence of upscale ridesharing options like Uber Black, professional limo services still have features and benefits that trump its counterparts’.

Many Austinites understand this and consistently contract our services for their special events. Whether it’s a prom, a commute to or from the airport or a swanky ride for a group outing, Austin Prestige Limo is simply a cut above.

To better understand why you should book Austin Prestige Limo for your next special outing, read on:

Higher Safety Standards

Although Uber and Lyft do require their drivers to have valid licenses, Austin Prestige asks for a little bit more than that. We feel its only right to. In addition to hours of defensive driving training, our drivers have impeccable road safety records. In any instance, hitting the road with an experienced driver is the wise thing to do. If you need a smooth, stress-free ride to your next upscale event, look no further than Austin Prestige Limo.

More COVID-Compliant

As the world continues to fight Coronavirus, we take every measure possible to ensure our limo experience is as possible for our customers. A lot of Uber drivers may not take the necessary precautions to curb the spread of the virus. We, on the other hand, regularly sanitize our limousines with Vitula Biocide, a CDC-approved, hospital-grade disinfectant engineered to fight SARS-COV.

Greater Flexibility

Getting a limo service is the closest you can get your own personal chauffeur. When you get an Uber or a Lyft, your wait times are limited, and each minute your driver waits hikes up your fare. When you reserve one of our limos, your driver is at your beck and call for as long as you’ve reserved the vehicle. This offers you greater flexibility when you’re planning your outing.

Better Customer Service

At Austin Prestige Limo, we teach our drivers to be personable and courteous to their passengers at all times. They also remain professional and transparent when voicing any concerns or problems that might arise during the ride. We go above and beyond to treat each customer like they were our first one. We handle our duties with great attention to detail and a lot of care. Sometimes, it’s the biggest difference between a forgettable experience and a truly memorable one.

In addition to all these things, Austin Prestige Limo checks the functionality of its vehicles often. With ridesharing apps, it’s very possible that your driver may have put off taking their car to the shop for months. There is courtesy in care, and Austin Prestige Limo makes that its mantra.

If you need a luxury ride to your next special event (birthday, wedding celebration, airport commute), look no further than Austin Prestige Limo. Fill in this form to inquire about our prices.

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