How to have the best vacation at Austin, Texas?


Austin is an inland city that borders the Hill Country region and is the capital of Texas. It has many parks and lakes which are very popular for biking, hiking, boating, swimming, and more. However, Austin reminds us of the eclectic music culture which you can hear live. It is also home to world-class museums, beautiful outdoor spaces, great ballet, and others. Austin has no shortage of history or legends. Both of these are very much alive in this place. You can visit any time of the year and find some or the other music festival going on. You will leave the place as an Austin music fan. If you want to spend the day strolling through the park or take a deep dive into history, it is all up to you. The place will leave you in awe of its culture and ensure that you return.

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  • History

Austin provides a unique history and to know a bit more about that you need to head towards Bob Bullock Museum. It has an exhibition spanning out over three floors. You can learn a lot starting with the people, or the events and places that shaped Texas, annexation by the USA, Civil War, immigration, and much more. Even though there are a lot of museums, monuments, and architecture, real history can be found in various other things. You can visit the Broken Spoke, the last true dance hall of Texas, or go to Barton Springs, a natural pool in the middle of the town which was first discovered in the 17th century. You can also visit the gas-station-turned-diner, Thread gill’s, where you will find Janis Joplin once sang. You will be fascinated with everything that you find here and also fall in love with the place.

  • Live music festivals

Austin is known for its music and there is a reason why it has been officially named the Live Music Capital of the World. You can visit any time of the year and you will catch a live performance being held. If you think that you will just find country music while there, then you are mistaken. You will hear almost any type of music from the venues as you walk the streets. You can catch live music in larger arenas like the Moody Theater or in smaller areas such as The Continental Club. You have an endless, quirky, and diverse selection of music venues and live music festivals. You can select the festival according to your own preference and taste. Visit downtown, or find a hole-in-the-war bar, you will find live music all over the place.

  • Outdoor activities

Austin has a natural beauty which cannot be compared. A nickname that Austin has is ‘City of the Violet Crown’ which likely refers to the purple and blue twilight that it experiences before sunrise and after sunset. You can experience the beauty of the skyline with a pinkish glow during sundown or near dawn from the pedestrian bridges that crosses the Lady Bird Lake. You can even go for a hike around the park if you want to get some exercise and get a good view. The outdoor activities are great that you can easily attend to. You can bring along a picnic basket and sit and relax for the day. The Hike-and-bike trail is one of the main activities for the city attracting 1.5 million visitors. The trail follows along the Colorado River. You can also check out the green spaces that include Shoal Creek, the Barton Creek Greenbelt, and many others.

  • A paradise for shopaholics

Other than music, history, and natural beauty, you get the best of shopping galore in this place. Whether you love retro vintage or upscale fashion or everything tacky and wonderful, you get all that your heart desires here. There are various shopping malls to independent stores. If you are to Austin just for the weekend, you can spend it just by shopping to your heart’s content. You get a range of thrift stores, souvenir shops, independent boutiques, and more where you will get anything and everything. Some of the major places that you can visit include 2nd Street District which is Downtown, Waterloo Records in Downtown as well, Book people at West End, Vintage Around Town at Central Austin, and others.

  • Food

If food speaks to you, then you are in the right place. Trying out the local cuisine is a trill if you are visiting any place new. Austin has a lot to offer in the food department that you will be amazed to discover. The variety is mesmerizing. You get everything here starting from Barbecue to Mexican to vegan places. You can eat out for all of the year in Austin and never have to visit the same place twice. Another thing that goes well with food is music and you will get plenty of it at this place. You get to enjoy great views along with live music in most of the places. If you do not get live music, you will still get great music which never goes out of style. You are bound to fall in love with everything the place has to offer.

You get to travel in comfort and luxury when you are visiting Austin. We have ensured it that takes place for you. The place is a delightful mix of various cultures and people who are very friendly, warm, and welcoming. You get to learn about various people including hippies, tech experts, filmmakers, and more. Austin is an amazing destination that you will want to return to explore more and more.

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